Could the Falcons go 16 – 0?

I was recently reading an article about which undefeated teams might not make the playoffs. The undefeated teams are the Packers, Patriots, Broncos, Bengals, Falcons, and Panthers. Obviously the Packers and Patriots were considered locks and no objection here.  Next on the list were the Broncos and the writer said that even if Manning goes […]

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Week 4 Waiver Wire Pickups

Quarterbacks Did you know there are 12 QB’s averaging between 13 – 16 points per game.  They currently rank from 13 to 24.  Did you also know that there are 4 QB’s in the top 12 that are owned in 63% or less in FleaFlicker?  If you are not getting the production from the QB […]

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Week 3 Roundup

With the Monday night game in the books, week 3 of the 2015 NFL season is officially over. Hopefuly you won you fantasy game and are undefeated, or maybe you got off a losing streak and break into the win column.  Either way congrats and if not good news it’s still early and there is […]

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Week 3 QB & RB Pickups

Quarterbacks Andy Dalton – Andy is owned in 58% of FleaFlicker leagues.  This is absurd plain and simple.  Two years ago Andy finished 4th or 5th, depending on scoring.  Last year Marvin Jones missed every game, Tyler Eifert missed all but 1, and AJ Green missed some time as well.  This year all of the […]

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When Do You Draft Your Defense?

Can drafting a defense earlier than the final rounds be the difference between fantasy success and fantasy flop?  How early is too early to draft your defense?  Am I crazy for taking a defense before any bench players?  Many would say I am crazy to do that and I would say hear me out. When […]

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